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Martyn now offers a ghost-writing service for those with a story to tell but who don't perhaps have the time or knowhow to tell it. 

Some ghost-writers and ghost-writing companies will take on any project and promise you an instant best-seller. However, Martyn believes that honesty is paramount to any working relationship. Before writing begins, Martyn will take a close look at your idea and discuss in detail with you your thoughts, hopes, and plans once the manuscript is complete and agree on a timetable with you. He is also very selective about the projects he takes on and will only accept an assignment should he feel he can do it justice and give it as good a chance as he can to be successful. 

Once completed you will receive the manuscript in full - it is then yours to do with as you wish. However, it is important to understand that there is never a guarantee that any writer can produce a manuscript that is certain to attract a literary agent or publishing deal, and while the manuscript will be completed, Martyn recommends you find a good editor and proofer to give it a final polish before querying it. This is something Martyn does himself with his work. Martyn can help with finding an editor should you want him to. 

FEES: Martyn charges 25p per word. This can be paid over instalments, or in two amounts at the start and end of the project. All fees must be paid in full before the finished work is released. The completed manuscript is delivered as a word document via email once the final instalment has been paid. Whilst Martyn does not insist on his name being on the cover, as some do, he does ask for an acknowledgement inside the book. 


If you would like to discuss an idea with Martyn, please use the form on the contact page.   

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