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Some buildings echo, and hold onto, the violence and evil which they witness. The spirits - who in life - perpetrated the abhorrent acts deciding to stay within our realm to carry on their wickedness. Preying on those unfortunate enough to fall across their path.
Following an illness, Jill, and her long-time partner Paul decide to pursue an idyllic life, and they find what they believe will be their perfect home. An abandoned railway station nestled in the North Yorkshire Moors of England. What was supposed to be the beginning of their new life together soon becomes their worst nightmare, as the malevolent spirit - dormant for decades - awakens.
The old railway station at Thirstonfield had lay forgotten and derelict for many years, and for a good reason. Its dark secrets remaining undisturbed until its new owners moved in.
The events in this fictional novel are based on real occurrences and a spirit who still haunts the banks of the River Tees in Middlesbrough - England, to this day.

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