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                               Take a deep breath.
                      You have three minutes to live.


As the first manned spaceship to Mars successfully departs from Earth in September 2021, only a small group of people know the real reason for the mission. With the new propulsion system rushed through its development, Steve David, a project specialist, confides his fears to his colleague Jacob.

The chain of events that begins to unfold two years later changes the lives of all of those involved and sees a small group of people racing to uncover the truth, and then trying to halt a seemingly unstoppable catastrophe following an unprecedented solar event.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing as NASA engineers Jacob, Andy and Kevin, together with British reporter Alice discover, as they race to stop the destruction of all life on Earth.

Can they succeed as the Sun, for eons the bringer of life, becomes the harbinger of death?

The End of Everything

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