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A half-hour comedy set in a car dealership in the North-East of England in the mid-'80s. In it, we will follow, Martyn, the main protagonist, as he navigates his way into adulthood along with the dealership dynamics and politics, all whilst training to become a qualified car mechanic. We will follow him as he learns the tricky business of living in the adult world, his personal life – including his floundering love life, with is his best friend and confidant, Nick along for the ride. 


Within the dealership, we’ll follow and examine the interpersonal relationships between the members of each department; sales, parts, and service as well as the dynamics of the interdepartmental rivalries.

COMPS: SCRUBS meets THE GOLDBERGS with a sprinkle of FLEABAG.

LOGLINE: Set in and around the zany world of a car dealership in the mid-eighties, fresh-out-of-school Martyn faces becoming an adult with best-friend Nick by his side.  

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