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Here are a selection of interviews with, M.E. Ellington talking about his writing process and how he became a writer. He also gives an insight into his books, Devolution of a Species and The Martialis Incident. He also talks about his up-coming novel Tomorrow's Flight which he co-wrote with Steven Stiefel and with the co-writer of Thirstonfield Halt, Steven Ellington (His brother)

M.E. Ellington talks about writing, how he became a writer and what he does to relax

M.E Ellington and Steven Stiefel talk about the their novel, Tomorrow's Flight

M.E. Ellington talks about his interplanetary thriller,

The Martialis Incident

M.E. Ellington talks about his climate fiction novel,

Devolution of a Species

M.E. Ellington & Steven Ellington talk about their supernatural thriller, Thirstonfield Halt

Interview with Nancy Pearlman talking about Devolution of a Species

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