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Jill and Paul live an idyllic life. Jill worked as a nurse for the NHS while Paul owns an architectural practice. After her father’s death followed by a brush with cancer, Jill decides to leave work to blog about her experience. With the need to live equally between their places of work gone, they decide to move into their forever home, and they find what they believe is the perfect candidate — the former rural station Thirstonfield Halt.


Unfortunately, the true history of the Halt is only known to its current owners, The Bradbury family, and they need to sell off the land for their farm to survive. When Paul and Jill show interest, the Bradbury’s don’t hesitate, even though they know what the Halt comes with and the danger it could put its new owners in. 


As the season continues, we find out more about Jack, and his connection with the Bradbury family who owned the station, and who sold it to Jill and Paul. As things begin to happen, and weird events unfold, Jill begins to investigate the station’s past. Eventually, this leads her back to the Bradbury farm, where she confronts Mavis, the farmer’s wife, who reluctantly tells Jill their family secret.

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