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TomorrowsFlight Kinle Cover.jpg
For the passengers and crew, American Cruise Air’s Flight 839 was supposed to be a routine red-eye. But destiny changes people’s lives in ways they can’t predict—or even imagine.
When a dinosaur femur is unearthed in the central Nevada desert, the last thing Andrea Alejandro, a graduate student in paleontology, expected to find was the tail section of an airplane in the same strata of earth.
After the airplane crash lands in unfamiliar terrain Sarah begins to document the daily routine she and her fellow survivors follow. Slowly but surely they come to realize that they have crossed through time. The daily horrors of Cretaceous life become more clear as they encounter a family of Tyrannosaurus rexes that grows increasingly interested in the survivors and their shell of an airplane.
Meanwhile, Andrea works with senior crash investigator Bruce Ackland to try to determine what happened to the passengers and crew in the abandoned wreckage they find in the present day. As time collides, one woman’s battle for survival becomes another woman’s fight for the truth—and a way to help save those she believes may not yet be dead.
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